Special Announcements for Authorised Representatives

The customer contract template has been changed. Please use the new template below for all new contracts !!!
What changed ?

  • The onboarding fe is changed from 1 BTC to 3.500,-€ which is invoiced.
  • The profit share of the customer is now 65% instead of 50% (so the fees are now 35% instead of 50%)

The NOVEMBER 2017 results have been calculated.

An overall portfolio profit of 40,4 % has been generated for our customers !!

Scroll down for more ………..

Discover the sales materials behind each of the buttons !

These materials are for exclusive use of Authorised Representatives with prospects.

You are NOT allowed to leave a copy of this material with the customer. This is for your USE, not to send to people.

We repeat the normal flow here as a reminder …

  1. Create Interest (Talk to people, be critical in your qualification, use the 4 page leaflet if and as needed, and YES that is the only document you are allowed to send to people).
  2. USE the presentation slides (Use them, do NOT send a copy to your prospects since that destroys your possibility to explain).
  3. USE the simulator together (do NOT send this to your prospects)
  4. Complete and get the agreement signed, and send it together with a copy of the passport or ID to support@it2profit.com)

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