As result of the Covid-19 Virus measures our office is only accessible if you have an appointment and while respecting social distancing rules at all times. In order to make an appointment, please send an email to

All meetings, training sessions, mentoring sessions and our services in general are done as much as possible using our  Zoom platform.

Our business is conducted as general principle through video conferencing and our remote collaboration tools as much as possible. 

ICT Services as every organisation or individual needs them.

Starting from audits in the different dimensions, to building the plan, and managing the execution of the plan.

We always start from the principle to help you and your organisation move forwards and make ourselves obsolete.

We do not provide application development or infrastructure technical resources. There are plenty of reliable parties for this available in the market. We focus on making sure you are doing the right things, and let your resources and suppliers  focus on doing it right.

ICT Services

From performing an audit, to running the CIO Office, to only the project management of a specific project We defined our mission together, make it happen, and then make ourselves obsolete.

Audits are a great tool to understand the current state, what works well, and what should be improved. We audit in light of strengthening the performance.

CIO Office is a key element to safeguard the strategy and its execution as well as the ongoing business alignment and prioritisation. A PMO is often a good tool and can also be an overkill or bureaucracy and yet mandatory in some shape or form. We determine with you what is needed, and how your organisation can evolve to get to the right level efficiently.

Security and Compliance are essential, from the policy level all the way to the remediation level, and touches all business functions as well as IT. Security is not a technical thing, and since IT touches every process and function in a business, IT is well positioned to help the entire organisation become and stay compliant. We assess your current state, help you measure and prioritise. Build the plan, and get to a balanced level where your organisation needs to be.

Project Management is an essential service that we deliver in case your organisation needs help to get things done.

Outsourcing evaluations

Contract Evaluation is a key element to understand where you have a strong agreement, and where you have potential gaps to manage before signing an outsourcing deal. We will evaluate your contract, and report back on our observation and recommendations what should be discussed and covered before an agreement is signed.

Outsourcing Audits are rarely done on an existing deal unless when things go really bad. Our view is that a regular audit helps you capture the best possible value of an existing arrangement. We are often engaged by as well customers as service providers to perform an audit, and definitely not always when things go bad.

Scorecard and Performance Reviews are a means of ongoing management and a must do in outsourcing deals. How do you measure ? Do you measure the right things that really matter ? We establish scorecards and the metrics systems to help ongoing management and get the best out of your deals.

Training Services and Coaching Assignments

We provide training and coaching services for all IT management profiles. All our trainings are custom designed to your needs, and never out of the box. Of course we re-use what is possible, and customise where needed. Contact in case you have any need and we will gladly assess to help.

Blockchain and DLT Services

We provide a wide scala of services in this area.

Analysis and Recommendations for Blockchain Projects is hard and needed. Too many projects fail in this world. The essence is clear, and a project has a higher probability of surviving and creating value if the following criteria are met:

  • Does the project approach succeed in building a large community ?
  • What is the use case / usability ? What makes it unique ?
  • What is the plan for convertibility and or exchange listings of the underlying token ?
  • How does the project handle KYC, KYB and regulatory compliance ?
  • Does the team have the capability, knowledge and experience to deliver ?

Portfolio Management is essential for all tokens. Growing the base and value is a key service, driven by Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Social Media monitoring, etc … Grow your portfolio and gain in value. We work success fee based in this area for all clients with great results to date. Contact us at for details and more information.

Buying or Selling is not always easy. We facilitate with our dripfeeding model buyers and sellers by processing on their behalf at the right times when the markets drop or spike. Contact us for buying or selling any token as long as it is publicly available. Contact us at or go here for details and more information.

OTC Facilitation and Business Intelligence Services This a difficult thing to do and being a sceptical deal maker is a special profile. There are more non-deals out there than successful deals. We provide our business intelligence services to Notaries, Lawyers, Buyers and Sellers to help pull a deal together the right way to transact safe and predictable. Contact us at or go here for details and more information.

We manage OTC projects end to end, including the following services which are also available as a service to other parties:

  • Due Diligence on buyers, sellers, escrow firms, lawyers, etc ….
  • People and organisation forensics
  • Proof Of Coin validations.
  • Chain Analysis and forensics
  • Project Management
  • etc …

Mandates or sellers are always welcome to contact us

Services For Service Providers

We help Service Providers in the different services they need on ongoing or temporary basis and with all our services.

Bid Management Services to help create successful proposals for large and strategic deals and offerings.

We help put new services in the market, including training of sales people, service managers and project managers.

Customer transition projects are not an exception.

Use us where you need a hired gun in case of a temporary mission, or in case you have internal obstacles to get things done.

About IT2Profit

IT2Profit is all about Consultancy for businesses and individuals, depending on the desired service.

We use our extensive experience, knowledge and methodologies to help you drive profit.


The future performance of companies is determined by the capability to

  1. Adapt to the changing market place at the right speed.
  2. Change and evolve the organization at the right speed to execute against the strategy at all times.
  3. Doing this in a systematic approach, with the right people.
  4. Focus continuously on achieving repeatable success.


Our mission is to drive and establish change to reach sustainable performance by focusing on the entire value chain and all possibilities. Long term sustainable value creation is the essence of our focus. Our motto is to make ourselves obsolete once our mission is completed.

Our Values

Integrity, honesty and respect for everyone we work with, regardless of the conversation partner’s position in an organization. Being honest, fair and never compromising our ethics.

Regulatory compliance in all we do.

KYC Mandatory

Anti Money Laundering Compliance

Data Privacy Compliance

Confidentiality in treating all client and personal information and intellectual property in accordance with the agreements signed.

Trust and relying on and having faith in one another.

No conflicts of interest in all we do.

Fair Dealing is expected in all relationships with customers, suppliers, colleagues and competitors.

Focus on the Customer: Being easy to do business with is understanding customer needs, meeting customer requirements, exceeding customer expectations, and solving customer problems. Achieving customer satisfaction is at the center of everything we do.

Passion for quality in all we do: We know what we are good at, and what to not engage in where we do not have the knowledge or expertise in house.

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